Street Art in London (16)

Recently I started to look at Street Art in a new way.  It’s decorative and fun!Street art Spitalfields 3 - 2Sony96

Street art Spitalfields 1 - 2Sony96.jpg

Sometimes it is just BRIGHT.

Street Art - Bug in Camden - 2Sony68

And sometimes it’s WEIRD, like this wall in Shoreditch. I wish I could figure out the message. Is it an ad for an insect exterminator?

Street Art - Kentish Town - Lumix64

Does the Street Art coordinate with the place where it appears?

street art Layers of ads Sony232.jpg

This street art seems to have several layers of history. It’s probably just layers of billboard signs that have been partially pulled off, so I guess it’s not “Art” that’s been purposefully created – but it IS colorful!

Street art - Cowboy in hat - 2SOny96.jpg

Here’s another cowboy. I love this one. He’s two stories tall.

Street Art - heart in Spitalfields - Lumix77

I like this heart on a Spitalfields garage door.

Street Art - Spitalfields,2-Sony96.jpg

Not sure about this little family.

street art Spitalfiellds 1 - Lumix77

Obviously – a foxy guy.

Street Art - angel, Waldegrave Rd - Sony183

This angel off Gloucester Road isn’t really Street Art. It’s a ceramic panel so it’s quite permanent. But it certainly is decorative and fun.

Some of the street art has a political message –

Street Art - Occupy - Canon235

I saw this during the early “Occupy” movement.

street art Mural in Shoreditch 2Sony79

That’s the Zero-Sum message, I guess.

Street art Southwark wall motto 2Sony53.jpg

This message is very different from the one above. Nice to read a political statement that isn’t selfish.

Street Art - Let's Adore - 2Sony68

Here’s another personal message. Maybe it means the ride is not always smooth. (See the train cars on top of the building?)

Street art - Spitalfields chick Sony303.jpg

Not SURE what this one means. Maybe – beware of pigeons who will mess up your car?

Street Art - Artillery Row - Canon146

This spooky figure is on the wall of a passageway just off Artillery Way.

Street Art - Ghost at Queen Anne's Gate - 2 Sony 17.jpg

This one is definitely SPOOKY – it is on a stone pillar on a pathway off Birdcage Walk. (Love that name!)

Street Art - Man on Bike, Banksy - Sony303

I think this design on a door in Spitalfields looks like it might be a little “Banksy”. He is probably the most famous “graffiti artist”, and now his works are sometimes shown in museums or even chopped off the walls and sold.

Street art - Mouse on whitehall - 2SOny180

Banksy often does RATS and this one was on a government building on Whitehall, so it probably was a little Banksy political statement. He had to do it FAST!

There are now walking tours of the street art in Spitalfields.
I would really like to go on one.

Weird London. Love it.

@Cathey Leitch, 2015