Monkey Business in London (10)

How about a little monkey business?
There are lots of monkeys in London, if you just look.Natural History Museum, South Kensington

 The Natural History Museum in South Kensington is very interesting and fun to visit.If you look around in the main hall, might be surprised to find lot of monkeys –

 They are climbing up ladders that seem to be a spines with vertebrae.

I think they represent monkeys going up the ladder of Evolution –  and there’s Charles Darwin keeping an eye on things!

Here are some other nice monkeys around town.

The organ grinder and his monkey are on a building on St. James’s Square.  Buchanan House has a series of relief panels called “The Cries of London”. They were created by Newberry Trent. I don’t know the connection of this theme with the building they decorate.

This monkey is in the lower ground escalator hall at Harrods on a large panel that shows the flora and fauna along the Nile.  It’s a slightly unreal looking monkey – weird.

 Monkey at Harrods, lower ground floor escalator hall

These two panels of animals are on the “Grand Buildings” at the north east corner of Northumberland Avenue.

Very few people even give them a glance as they walk up towards Trafalgar Square.  I really like the zebra on the one on the left, and I think you can almost hear the monkey calling (or is he a baby orangutan?) The primate trying to climb out of the panel on the right is definitely a gorilla, and the little bat at the top has a look of alarm.

This playful monkey is on a series of mosaic panels that decorate a wall of a school on Globe Road in Bethnal Green.Monkey mosaic - wall at Bethnal Green School, Globe RoadLondon is a bit of an urban zoo.

There are LOTS of sculptures of animals – all around the city.

More later.

@Cathey Leitch, 2015